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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEMrush offer any discount codes?

SEMrush doesn’t do extensive discounting. At least not like some companies, with a lot of codes. SEMrush offers a 16% discount on annual payments, which is free money is you’re going to be a long-term power user. They also offer a 14 day free trial, which works out to a decent amount of savings, depending on the plan level you choose. So they have the beginning user and the long-term user covered.

What can I do with the SEMrush free plan?

Let’s keep it real; not a whole heck of a lot. You can get in and get familiar with the interface. But you can do that with a free trial, too, while actually diving into the money-making features.

In terms of specifics, the free plan allows 10 searches per day, while the entry-level paid plan (Pro) provides up to 3,000 searches. The free plan also offers 10 results per search, while Pro provides 10,000 results.