At our favorite calculation is how much money our visitors save. But we like other calculations, too.


AdSense Income – advanced, includes “monthly earnings increase” calculation.

Affiliate Income – advanced, includes “monthly earnings increase” calculation.

Bounce Rate – basic calculators for bounce rate percentage and total bounces.

Breakeven Point – how much do you need to sell to stop generating losses?

CPA Calculators – 3 calculators in 1, solve for any CPA-related variable.

CPC Calculators – 3 calculators in 1, solve for any CPC-related variable.

CPM Calculators – solve for any CPM-related variable and get in-depth info.

CPM vs. CPC – for comparing your options on platforms like Facebook Ads.

CTR Calculators – solve for any CTR-related variable. Also includes CTR FAQ.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – calculations for e-commerce or SaaS.

Online Advertising – calculate common metrics such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CTR.

Return on Ad Spend – basic calculation, plus how ROAS differs from ROI.

Revenue Per Visitor – calculation and explanation to better understand RPV.

ROI, Conversion Optimization – what is your potential profitability from CRO?

ROI, Marketing Tools – how much value can you get from a marketing tool?